Downtime for PigPog

We have some new ideas for PigPog, but it’s going to involve a big rebuild. Some of it is going to involve the front page vanishing while we do some testing. I doubt it will ruin too may people’s days, but sorry anyway – it shouldn’t be vanishing for too long at a time, and it’ll only be over the weekend.

What new ideas? Well, we’ll give you a couple of clues. We’re being creative. We think it’s time more people joined in.

Hack Yourself

"…I wrote this in a burst of frustration and lucidity and mailed it out to everyone I know."

"I was a little worried about what people would think of it, but I had several people write to me in the days that followed, or come and talk to me in person, and tell me what a difference this little rant had made to them. People were forwarding copies to their friends, posting it to websites. I fully expect that ten years from now, a copy of this will get forwarded back to me, attribution lost, by someone who didn’t know I wrote it, and that will make me smile."

Made in SF 11-18-62

All the world’s sexiest men have birthdays in November.

PigPog wishes Kirk Hammett a Happy 42nd Birthday. Well, one of us offers the birthday wishes and the other mops up the drool 😉