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"Are you here to drool over the ESPs again?" asked the very helpful lad in Fox’s Music. "Nope," I said, barely containing my excitement, "I’m buying. There’s an M-50 on one side for me."

And here it is –
(Sorry, pictures lost)
Ain’t it lovely? It was love at first sight when I saw it hanging up with its more expensive pals. I knew it was the one for me, and all that kept me from it was a small thing called pay day. Once the 27th had passed we raced into Arnold Town Centre and bought that, a stand, a strap for the Strat (now returned, with gratitude, to its rightful owner), and an adapter to feed two guitars into one amp.

Yesterday, we went up to see Michael’s parents, and because I wanted more time getting used to my new axe, I took it up there with me. Once Norma and Trevor had arrived and the chinese takeaway was polished off, out came the ESP and the Strat, and we showed off our blistering guitar skills to our bemused family, and we finished off with a singalong. Mull of Kintyre, fortunately lacking in bagpipe solo, and Hey Jude, enhanced by Michael giving his best Lennfield :).

The ESP is a gorgeous instrument to play, especially for wannabe rockers like me. I find it more comfortable than the Strat, and it’s considerably cooler too.

EDIT – Linky added for those who still don’t know what a Lennfield is.