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Our mission to transform ourselves from bored office workers with too much free time to hard rocking metal goddesses continued today round at Emma’s. We’re now a three-guitar outfit now I have the ESP (click here to see last week’s posting for more about that), and Emma alternated between playing her Crafter Cruiser and the good old Strat.

Working with Guitar Pro, we soldiered on with Enter Sandman which, according to Emma’s Mum, "Sounds like a funeral dirge played at that speed." ‘That speed’ being 40bpm. She might have a point there. We decided to have a laugh and have a go at playing it at its actual speed, 123bpm (according to the tab we’ve been working from). And, because I thought I may as well while I was making a complete idiot of myself anyway, I had a go at singing. It all went horribly wrong and we went back to plodding through at a steady, sensible, dirge-y 55bpm. I managed to play the rhythm guitar part right through to the end, and Emma managed as far as the solo, which ain’t bad as the solo looks like a finger-mangling nightmare. She pointed out repeatedly that I had got the cushier end of the deal, and until I start singing she’s absolutely right. I’m sure she’ll nail the solo just as well as she’s nailed the rest of the song. Though she might have to buy herself an ESP first (all donations gratefully received).

We rounded off the day with a little tribute to our favourite group. With the assistance of Emma’s mum. Quality gesticulating there, Anna!

We’ll be getting together again for more of the same in a fortnight, when I’ll be posting another update on our progress.

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