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Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger: “While the rest of you are all trying to figure out how to get the top link for ‘hate Scoble,’…”

Well, the top link is Robert himself. That may suggest a little too much self-loathing (perhaps he’s British too?), but in second place, it’s… …me! Well, it’s a small claim to fame, but it’s something. He never did link to us either. I doubt there’s enough in PigPog to keep his attention yet. I say yet, because he might find our relaunch a bit more interesting. It was even slightly inspired by his ‘Message in a Bottle to Bill Gates‘ post about creativity being the Next Big Thing. Mainly by Hugh, though, really. Taking back our crayons.

Yes, it’s still on the cards. We’ve been experimenting with CMS packages, and gradually coming to the conclusion that by time we’ve learned one and bent it into the shape we want, we’d probably be better making our own system with PHP. Anyway, if you’re interested in anything, it’s more likely to be ‘what are we doing’ than ‘what might we use to do it’. It’s all about creativity. People are creating things. They want to share what they’ve created. Content. We want to help. Or we want to jump on the bandwagon quickly and make a fortune. Whatever. The fortune would be nice, but we’ll settle for just being involved.

We’re thinking blogs of the latest stuff for sharing your creativity. We’re thinking reviews (or at least pointers to reviews) of the latest technology for creating with. We’re thinking how-to articles on turning your creativity into content, and guides on where to share. Spotlights on people who are actually sharing their creativity already. That sort of thing.

Does that sound interesting to anyone?

(Oh, and we just got ScoblePhones too – it’s the Orange SPV C500 over here, and it’s black. Very nice. Wouldn’t want to do too much on that little screen – pairs up well with the iPaq, though 😉