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After deciding that building a whole new site out of PHP would be easier than trying to bend a CMS into shape, we put more thought into it, and realised two things…

  • Just sticking up another blog and making the rest static would be even easier.
  • We’re lazy.


p>So we went for the easy way. The new blog is at http://pigpog.com/news/, and it’s now proudly shown on our home page. This blog, along with Sam’s personal blog, the PigPog Filter, and the Photo Blog have all been relegated to the section of the site we’ve called ‘Our Corner’. URLs remain the same, to avoid upsetting Google, or breaking anyone’s links.



If you’re interested in creativity, or sharing content, you’ll probably want to point your RSS reader at http://pigpog.com/news/atom.xml to keep up to date with the latest. If you subscribe to my personal blog’s feed, it should keep working, and I’ll modifiy the main full site feed soon to either include the news feed, or possibly to just redirect to it.

Things are a little lacking at the moment still, but stick with us – we’ll soon get some real content up there.