Home :: Holy Windows, Batman!

Last night, we arrived home to find a police car slightly in our way for parking. The odd thing was that there were lots of other cars around too, making it quite difficult to slot the car into our usual space outside the house. The policeman was just bringing his stuff back from the house accross the sidestreet from us. His stuff included a battering ram and a riot shield.

We’ve seen the police around this street a few times before, but never with any riot gear. A van arrived, with a person and a cat carrier, which they took to the house, and retured with it looking a bit heavier. They left, and assorted men in suits got into cars and left along with the police car.


Then, this morning, I noticed our bathroom window…

Normally, we’d just assume it’s kids flinging rocks, but it’s quite high up, and behind a high wall, so we’re slightly concerned that someone shot our bathroom yesterday. Whatever it was only made a hole in the first pane of the double-glazing, though, so no serious harm done.