Home :: It’s taking shape slowly

The site is starting to come together. If you’re reading this in an RSS reader, do pop over to PigPog and have a look. We’ve changed the navigation bar at the top to reflect the new sections. There’s no content in any of them yet, but it’ll start arriving soon.

I know we could do all this behind the scenes, then unveil the site when it’s all nice and complete, but we’d rather let you see our mess. Apart from anything else, it never actually will be complete, so we’d have to pick a point somewhere along the line to launch. Dumping the whole mess out there live as we work on creating it adds a few things…

  • You get to see how it starts. Including the bits that don’t work and we remove again quickly.
  • You can make suggestions – just post a comment below if you want to give us feedback. We benefit from any feedback.
  • Added pressure – we don’t want to leave this half built mess in public for long, so it puts us under some pressure to work on it quickly.
  • We don’t need a test environment – no need for installing Apache and PHP anywhere on our own machines to be able to try it out – we just chuck it up there live and see if it works at the same time as you do.

Anyway, we’ll keep working on it over the weekend, and hopefully it’ll look a bit less empty by Monday.