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Well, who’d have thought it. There’s a 4.55 on a Sunday Morning too! The world’s a funny place at this time of day. My head’s a funny place this time of day. I woke up about 10 minutes ago and decided that getting on the ‘puter was the best thing to do to shake off the last of my slumber. Because I’m up at this time on purpose. I have a reason to not be in my warm cosy bed with my warm cosy man dreaming of warm cosy things.

I’m waiting for a phone call.

A few months ago, a session of serendipitous (that’s a long word to attempt at this hour) surfing found me stumbling across a band called Beatallica. I found them listed just above The Beatles on a guitar tab site. "That can’t be what I think it is," I muttered while typing the name into Google and landing on their web site, but as soon as I saw their logo I realised it *was* what I thought it would be. The ‘B’ and ‘A’ had the familiar sharp edges you’d normally associate with Metallica, and the ‘T’ in the middle was just enough to suggest that it might also have something to do with a certain 4 cheeky moptops from Liverpool.

We set to downloading their collection of MP3s (available free, in an act of kindness not normally associated with either of the bands who inspire them) and I clicked the first one with caution. What we were about to hear was either going to be fantastic of effin’ awful. The first song I picked was Sgt Hetfield’s Motorbreath Pub Band. It rocked. And whoever it was doing the vocal was doing a better Hetfield than Hetfield himself does nowadays. Or maybe it *was* Hetfield. Maybe Beatallica are Metallica in disguise, having a bit of a laugh? Er, no. I headed over to their Forum and left the band a message to tell them how awesome they are. Jaymz Lennfield, the man who out-Hets Het, was the first to respond. Then followed Krk Hammettson, a fella who has plenty talent to be worthy of being named after two of the world’s greatest guitarists. Emails and other messages were exchanged and conversations were started with other fellow Beatallibangers.

And this is why I’m waiting for the phone to ring at this ridiculous time of day. Beatallica are playing a gig *right now*. Patton, another Beatallibanger is there with a phone and assuming he’s still sober enough to dial the digits, should be ringing any time.

Life never runs out of opportunities to be creative, be it with paper, food, sweet wrappers, or finding ways to listen in on concerts in other countries. More soon after the phone call.

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