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It’s now 7.20. I’m a little dazed and starstruck after spending a couple of hours in the company of the mighty Beatallica.

The signal was a little erratic – Krk’s solos came over perfectly, which was great, but once Kliff and Ringo joined in the sound became more like white noise. I tried to record the call, but all that could be heard was interferance.

After the show I was fortunate enough to speak to Krk. As I was sat up in bed at the time with Michael by my side I made an incredibly lame-ass remark about sharing a bed with Michael and Kirk. There, Krk, is a prime example of me attempting to use my sense of humour to hide how nervous and starstruck I was speaking to you :). After Krk went off to see to his guitar, I spoke to Jaymz. "Good show!" I said. "You’ve never sounded more English" said Michael. Sadly their signal wasn’t as good as mine, and despite wandering around the club to get a better reception, the conversation ended when I lost Jaymz.

Many thanks to Krk, Jaymz and Lisa for taking the time out to speak to us, and many more thanks to Patton for making the call possible. Although I didn’t hear all of the songs, I could tell that Beatallica are abso-effin’-lutely excellent live and if you get a chance to see them, do so. They are two of the best bands in the world.

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