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Marc’s Outlook is one year old today!: “Today marks exactly one year since I began blogging with my friends here at OfficeZealot.com.”

Happy blogday to Marc! The GTD Zone on OfficeZealot is still one of the biggest referrers to PigPog, since Marc kindly linked to my articles on GTD (Introduction, Methods, and the PigPog Method). Things have gone pretty quiet around here about GTD since then. I still use the system, but not really very well. I was better at writing about it than actually doing it. I think my problem is sticking too many things into my system that I know I should be doing, but don’t actually want to do, which makes me avoid looking at the lists, so I don’t get them done. Not only that, but I then miss seeing the things that I really did want to do. Time for some good honest culling of things I just can’t be bothered with.

On the subject of all things productivity related, though, some of the best articles I’ve read recently have been from Steve Pavlina. If it’s productivity stuff you’re here for, head over to his blog and have a read – it’s quite splendid.