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BBC NEWS | World | South Asia | Eyewitness: Sri Lanka tsunami: “We were swept along for a few hundred metres, trying to dodge the motorcycles and the refrigerators and the cars that were coming with us.”

My parents like to go away for Christmas – makes it a nice relaxing time. This year, they chose Sri Lanka. Perhaps not as nice and relaxing as they hoped.

We heard about the earthquake there first thing this morning (woken up by the phone) from my auntie calling to find out if we’d heard anything. The tour operator (Saga) called half an hour later to let us know that they’d already accounted for everyone, and they were safe. Fortunately, they are on the Western side of the Island, a fair distance from the worst of the problems.

No further than Scotland next year, ok?

Update: We’ve heard from them. They’re getting a flight back tomorrow morning (their time, tonight to us). They were on the beach at the time, and actually got swept along in the water a bit, but they’re fine.

Update: They’ve made it back. They even did the full action bit of trying to outrun a tidal wave. My dad had a large wooden sunlounger catch up with him and knock him off his feet. Fortunately he landed on the sunlounger, and surfed it to safety. Sounds like quite a sight 😉 It’s good to have them back, though.