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Our biggest creative project to date has been our book, The MBLM Files – a story of a fictional pop group told in the style of a fan’s scrapbook. I had hoped to write as a follow-up the ‘autobiography’ of one of the main characters, Bill Ibbotson (the group’s lovable yob), but as these things often go, it didn’t quite work out.

So we’re going to try something a little different. A fictional blog (flog?), by Bill, gradually telling his story while pausing occasionally to comment on real events – which for him will mainly involve moaning about Reality TV and the price of beer. I always enjoy writing as Bill, he gets to take more liberties with language than I do for a start and not only does he call a spade a spade, if you disagree with him he’s likely to pick up the spade and beat you about the head with it. Whereas I’m a bit more of a shrinking violet – I’ll call a spade a spade unless you’d rather I call it an excavation utility device. 🙂

Bill’s blog can be accessed in all the usual ways – by RSS, by email if you’re in our Yahoo! Group, or simply by viewing it on the site.