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TV Cream’s Top 100 Toys

If you’re reading this, it’s likely there’ll be a good twenty-plus years lying between this Christmas and the last one you started by tearing down the stairs at five in the morning, in wide-eyed anticipation of the contents of that mountain of wrapped boxes under the Woolies’ fireproof silver tinsel tree. So, to this end, we polled TV Cream’s readership to find the most well-remembered – for better or worse – toys that turned up in the stockings of yesteryear, from the tiniest fifty pee rubber novelty to the many bulky Bakelite candidates for that hallowed “main present” status. Quite often the little things, mainly through having lower expectations to live up to, went down better than the battery-hungry robo-gun-battleship thing mouldering in its box in the airing cupboard by Boxing Day. Anyway, enough of all this – it’s now 6.30AM, and we’ve just been told by hungover parents that we can go downstairs and start sorting out the presents into piles. Let the blizzard of Mr Men wrapping paper commence…

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