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Techdirt:Shocker: Cameraphone Photos Not Printed: “Printing out photos seems sort of archaic. Trying to convince people to print them out, as the printer makers are apparently doing, seems sort of pointless. It’s like convincing new automobile owners that they should hook up a horse to pull the vehicle.”

Seems to pretty much nail the issue to me. We have a really nice photo printer sitting here, right next to me. The only thing I remember printing recently was some directions – paper is a bit easier to fumble with in the car than a PDF file on a PDA. I hardly know anyone without a computer and Internet access, and if I wanted to show my parents photos that weren’t on the web, I’d take them along on a CF card or CD. It’s going to hurt printer sales (or more importantly – ink sales), but once everyone has a computer and they’re all connected to each other, what’s the point of wasting paper? Yay for trees!