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Think Secret – EXCLUSIVE: Apple to drop sub-$500 Mac bomb at Expo: “With iPod-savvy Windows users clearly in its sights, Apple is expected to announce a bare bones, G4-based iMac without a display at Macworld Expo on January 11 that will retail for $499, highly reliable sources have confirmed to Think Secret.”

Hey, this blog is supposed to be all about creative stuff! What do creative people love more than coffee? Their Macs! So, a cheap Mac should spread that creative stuff around a bit more.

I’ve never really used a recent Mac – my last experience was at university, where there were a couple of labs full of Macs. There were some Mac Classic type machines, and a load of the dull PC-like boxes that appeared after they got rid of that lunatic Steve Jobs, and started trying to go all corporate. I have the feeling that I’d like MacOS X, though. From what I’ve read, it’s everything we’d all love Linux to be, but not quite as free, and with less cuddly penguins. If I was buying a whole new machine, though, and there was a Mac for under $500 (around £300), I might be tempted.

The rumour certainly sounds feasable to me – it’s just what Apple need. A lot of people are in the situation now that they’d really like a Mac, but just can’t justify the extra money when they could get a PC for so much less, and spend the remaining money on espresso.

(Ooh, nearly forgot – via Robert Scoble.)

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