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Last week I blogged about the blahs I had been experiencing, partly due to the time of year, partly due to unresolved stuff about my working life. I had lots of questions that were bothering me. Was that the job I’d be expected to do until I turned 65, 70, 85, whatever retirement age is by 2039? Had I made the right choice taking a permanent job? Was I just feeling bad because of the time of year, or was it the job bringing me down? And if I left, what then? I’d be back where I’d been many, many times before, no wiser from the experience and no doubt, ready to do it all again a few months down the line. A few months ago I loved that job. But as time went on and attitudes got worse, my attitude got worse and my commitment to the job started to fade. I started to feel stuck in a rut; physically, mentally and emotionally.

Flash Game – Exploding Dots

Chaos Theory – Flash Game It’s in Japanese, but it’s not too complex anyway. Fifty dots fly up in the air. Click to make an explosion. Any dot that touches it will explode too, and so on. You only get one click each round, each game is three rounds. Super happy fun go-boom.

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