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Living Out Loud by Keri Smith

Things for Grown Ups to Make and Do

Lying somewhere between the colourful soppy cuddliness of Sark and the slap-in-the-face reality check of Hugh McLeod is this book, more "Things to make and do" than "Things to think and feel."

This bright, spiral bound book contains suggestions for practical creative exercises. Some of the exercises are of the Sark variety – making a wish jar, shrines for treasured objects, the ‘Living Out Loud’ board game, but the advice within the text is good, sound stuff.

The author offers advice on how to organise your creative space, how to recapture the element of play ("I’d like my crayons back now, please.") and how to go about getting started on taking the risks and attempting making a living as an artist.

It’s a lovely, tactile little book with lots of fold out sections, stickers and bits to cut out. If this fails to encourage some creative play, nothing will. Who says this sort of thing has to end with the Richard Scarry books?