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This started off as an excuse to play with ArtRage, then one idea came, then another, then another, and I ended up with this –

(Sorry – images lost when moving stuff around.)

Yet another piece of Beatallica fan art. I figure if I keep on churning out the pics and fanzines, I’m bound to get on their ‘fan art’ page eventually…*

I started by tracing basic shapes from the cover of Abbey Road in Art Rage, changing shapes here and there for outfits, hairstyles, etc. Then I opened the image up in Painter Classic (which, due to my computer’s decision not to install the English version, I use in French), and painted using the various oil brushes. I finished off the lettering in good old Photoshop Elements.

I’m rather chuffed with the results.

*The race is now on between Beatallica and Metallica. As a brand new member of Metclub, I decided to send off my other ‘Yellow Metallimarine’ into their ‘Eye of the Beholder’. So who’s going to get there first? Beatallica or ‘So What!’?