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Put up an intro page to Bill’s Blog:

Caution – this blog will inevitably feature strong language.
The most profane and vocal character from Sam’s book The MBLM Files is let loose into the blogosphere to tell his side of MBLM’s story and share some interesting observations along the way.
Another go at creative storytelling!
From a writer who’s so keen to write a book she’ll do anything but write a book, Bill’s story was originally going to be told in his ‘autobiography’, Stage Left. Those who have read The MBLM Files will remember extracts from Stage Left featuring in Julia’s scrapbook, and may even remember the ‘Coming Soon!’ ad in the back of the book.
Why a blog?
Why not? Over Christmas I was blogging about some dull subject or other (knowing me it probably had something to do with Kirk Hammett), and I remembered how much I enjoyed writing ‘as’ Bill. I write with more honesty, and of course, I get to swear a lot more often. I then pondered the possibility of writing Bill’s story as a blog, inserting the odd snarky remark or rant about current events to give it that extra ‘oomph’, as MBLM’s managers put it. I made a start on Christmas Day, and update every few days or so, as the mood takes me. Just as Bill would.