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Looking for No.8 wire: "In four week’s time, all being well, I’ll step blinking from the air-conditioned cocoon of an Emirates 747 into the warm afternoon sunlight of Auckland. Ahead of me will lie a three week road trip across New Zealand, from Auckland in the north to Dunedin in the south – a trip in search of future opportunities for myself and my family."

I’ve been reading bignoseduglyguy’s blog for quite a while now, first interested by his writing about GTD and productivity matters. Well, it looks like his new blog should be even more interesting – he’s planning on emigrating with his family of six from their home in London to New Zealand. He obviously really liked Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films 😉

I’ll be keen to read how things go, and wish him all the best with this – it’s a massive step, but he couldn’t have picked a more amazing and beautiful country to aim at.

Update: Corrected whoopsies. Thanks, Tim!