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p>’Experts’, bless ’em, have calculated that tomorrow, Monday 24 January, is going to be the Worst Day of the Year.



Yeah, thanks for that. Like I needed any help cultivating a bad case of not just the Sunday blahs, but the January blahs too. The mornings are dark and cold, the evenings are dark and cold, and what goes between them on a Monday doesn’t really bear thinking about on a Sunday night.

January sucks. Everybody’s in a grotty mood, and I’m sure that even the best job in the world seems lousy and unfulfilling at this time of year. I left such a job last year. I had a job in a graphic design studio, working on Quark Xpress, Photoshop, Illustrator and the like on a Mac. Granted, the Mac had more personality issues than I did, and working with it drove me bananas. That plus getting to know a new team, plus the whole crappy January-ness of things had me off sick for a while, then chucking in my contract in favour of a return to a job that had just one redeeming feature – it was part time.

After leaving that job, I got my life together a bit more – gave up alcohol, took up self-help books, and tried to get my head together. I thought initially that I was meant to be a writer, so I reduced my hours from 4 days a week to 3 days a week to write more MBLM books. Which was fine until that job, with its mind-numbing boredom and its bizarre management, also drove me to asking my pal on the Temp Register to find me something else. Which she did. Full-time, but in a nice office with nice folks. There I ended my time as a temp as I landed the job I have now.

Admin work was only ever meant to be something I did while finding what I really wanted to do, a bit of a stop gap. I’ve been doing it for fifteen effin’ years! That’s a bit too long for a stop gap! So, I’ve come up with a cunning plan to make sure next January* doesn’t get the better of me. I’m going to find a job similar to the one I left last year (and if you’d like to see an example of my graphic art schkillz click here), and try to start my career for real, fifteen effin’ years after leaving college.

*Michael – next January is our 10 year anniversary. Maybe we should celebrate it by spending the entire month in hibernation? We could record our first album, “Wet Alien” by The Pigtallipogles. Whaddaya think, luv?