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jkOnTheRun: Maximizing the mobile experience: “I should point out that laptops and Tablet PCs can also benefit from these best practices and they are by no means restricted to just UPCs. The tips and recommendations that follow are the results of trial and error over many years of working as a mobile professional. Some of them apply to general use of the mobile device and others are specifically for the traveler.”

JK has excelled himself with this article – lots of great tips for mobile computing, but at least a few good ones for anyone. The idea of keeping as little as possible installed and running on a machine to keep it performing its best is certainly true. I go in long cycles – format, build from scratch, then slowly get tempted into installing more and more things, and trying things only to delete them. Eventually the machine gets too bogged down, and runs slowly and unreliably. Time to format and rebuild again. Either I’m getting better at resisting, though, or Windows is getting more resilliant to such treatment. I used to go through the cycles every couple of months, now it’s more like a couple of years.

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