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Last week I blogged about the blahs I had been experiencing, partly due to the time of year, partly due to unresolved stuff about my working life. I had lots of questions that were bothering me. Was that the job I’d be expected to do until I turned 65, 70, 85, whatever retirement age is by 2039? Had I made the right choice taking a permanent job? Was I just feeling bad because of the time of year, or was it the job bringing me down? And if I left, what then? I’d be back where I’d been many, many times before, no wiser from the experience and no doubt, ready to do it all again a few months down the line. A few months ago I loved that job. But as time went on and attitudes got worse, my attitude got worse and my commitment to the job started to fade. I started to feel stuck in a rut; physically, mentally and emotionally.

So after posting last week’s blog entry I talked to Michael about how I was feeling. I wanted to jack it all in and head off in pursuit of that elusive creative job-of-my-dreams. He suggested that instead of doing that, why not find a simple ‘day job’ that I find at least bearable, some admin work to just bring in the cash and help fund our creative pursuits outside of work? And if I was happier doing temp work, why not temp again?

I love that man. Not only is he a damn sexy demon of the mighty multifunction axe, but he is also sensible, wise and at that moment last week, cleared all the mess in my head with his simple, no-nonsense assessment of what was going on. "So you choose to be a career temp for your day job, what’s up with that?". It makes sense. I’ve always been happier as a temp, there was just always that feeling that I wasn’t living up to expectations doing other people’s jobs all the time. I’m damn good at it, too.

So I gave my boss four weeks’ notice on Tuesday. Though shocked he was understanding about it. And though he told me a couple of weeks ago to be careful about blogging at work I will just say one thing: Alan Johnson is a bloody good boss. He understood the difference between being a permanent employee (feeling like you’re shackled to the desk) and being a temp (free to go all over the place and try everything) and he understood why I wanted to go for the temp option. He must have remembered my 45-page CV. 😉

I leave my job on Feb 24th, and return to the NCC temp register on the 28th. I have also applied to join the Medical Secretaries Bank at the Queens Medical Centre, which is pretty much the same deal as NCC, except with just being secretarial work, it’ll involve a lot more stuff like audio typing, which is the kind of admin-type work I enjoy the most.

We’re just about to see the back of another January, and hopefully with it the seasonal blahs, and Spring’s not too far away, perhaps 2005 can really get into its stride now.

And "Wherever I May Roam" can become my song again. 🙂