Interview with Beatallica’s Jaymz and Krk

Just before the $ony hit the fan, Jaymz Lennfield and Krk Hammettson of Beatallica were kind enough to spend a little time answering some questions about Beatallica, being Axe Gods and being regular guys with regular jobs doing creative stuff that the whole world is enjoying. Here’s a snippet:

Krk: The very best way to PRODUCE something creatively is to BE YOURSELF! I’ve tried numerous times to write something I think will please others, or will stand up to something someone else has done before, and although it’s fine and okay, it falls wayyyy short of what I create when it is for me, by me, and about me.

Boing Boing: shut down, more Sony nastygrams fly

Boing Boing: shut down, more Sony nastygrams fly: “ has been taken down by our ISP”

We love Beatallica – they do creative stuff and share it freely with the world. Just as we like. Sony, on the other hand, are trying to close them down for reworking music they own rights over. They seem to have forgotten the small matter of protection for parody under US law. Either that or they’ve remembered that it doesn’t matter who is in the right, just who can afford the best lawyers. They’re kicking up the kind of bad press over this that a popular consumer electronics comany could really do without, though. Let’s hope this upsets their shareholders.