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…sorry for the recent reposts. [Apology over – Ramble ahead! Ramble ahead! Stop reading!] The full feed is created by a PHP script pulling all the other feeds together, but it’s a bit simple and just jumbles them all in. When I changed a title in the script the other day, it made everything look new, so RSS readers picked up around 45 new items from us. We’re not usually that active 😉

It wouldn’t have been so bad, but the feed doesn’t just pull out the last ten (or whatever) of the changed items, it just shoves all the feeds into one and outputs them all. I’m going to try to change it soon so it outputs more neatly, and doesn’t output as many things (it’s eating all our bandwidth as it is, and it’s far too big for users to download every hour too), but it’s a bit of a PHP challenge for me. I only do copy ‘n’ paste, not real programming. Anyway, when I do that, it’ll probably refeed everything out again, but it shouldn’t be as many (10, if I get it anything like right), and it should only be once or twice.

We’re still doing all this from the end of a dial up connection ourselves, so we do try to keep things running fast enough for our fellow luddites. If you can do that, the broadband users love the speed, too.

Thanks for sticking with it – I’m amazed there’s so many people out there who find us interesting enough to read, personally, but there’s 35 readers through Bloglines alone, and there’s a few reading our other feeds too. Maybe we’ll get some more creativity and productivity stuff written soon…

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