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p>we make money not art: Elective-enhancement surgery: “As minimally invasive and arthroscopic techniques improve, surgeons will be able to tweak bicyclists’ hearts to increase stroke volume and reroute digestive systems to optimize energy absorption.”



I remember Lenny Henry doing a stand-up routine about a runner in the UK who was disqualified for using steroids, and questioning if it was really cheating – "It’s not as if he was on a motorbike". It’s not against the rules so far to have surgery to improve performance. Once it starts happening, though, that may well change. If it does, it’s going to put those who’ve already done it in a nasty situation.

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  1. Interesting picture of comedian Lenny Henry, looking very cool in dark glasses at a reggae festival in Finsbury Park ‘serious for a change’. photo taken by Birmingham snapper Pogus Caesar. [click photography section of Oom gallery]

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