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Update 2005-11-01: This is all out of date now – just use the ‘Feeds’ link at the top of the page.

We’re having a bit of a rearrange with the RSS feeds, and I’m afraid it may cause a few little problems for some people. We’ve set up a feed with FeedBurner to use some of their services, and take some of the load off our server. The old feeds now all redirect to this new feed. There’s two problems you might see…

  • Old items suddenly appearing again today.
  • Getting everything when you only wanted part of PigPog.

The items getting republished should only happen today – this change should make it a bit easier to prevent this happening again. If you only wanted part of PigPog, though, this might make things worse for you. If you only wanted the Filter section, for example, with links to good stuff on other sites, and don’t want to see our blogs or photos, or any news about PigPog, I’m afraid you’re going to start getting it all. If it’s a problem, let me know. I don’t really want to lose people who liked reading some of the stuff here, but on the other hand, maintaining lots of feeds was becoming a hassle.

The new feed also sticks Amazon ads at the bottom of the articles in the feed. I’ve seen these on a few other feeds recently, and they don’t annoy me, so I hope they won’t annoy you – again, if they do, let us know.

Update: Sorry! I made a loop in the redirects and made the republishing worse! Corrected now. It was the Photography feed that was causing the problem, and I don’t think anyone had subscribed to that one anyway.