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Update 2005-11-01: The wiki doesn’t exist any more – everythings here in Drupal.

We’re looking at a pretty big change to our Creativity stuff. We’re testing at the moment, but if you want a peek and a play, please do join us. We’re experimenting with replacing all the stuff about being creative, and sharing your creations, with a Wiki.

Dive in?

Go for it – here it is.

A Wiki?


p>A Wiki is a type of web site that anyone can change and add stuff to. Every page has an ‘Edit’ link, which lets any user modify the page. They could even delete all the content. It keeps a full history, though, so the next user could put it all back with a few clicks. Adding new pages is quick and easy too – just make the link to them wherever it fits, then click it. Clicking a link to a page that doesn’t exist creates the page.




The biggest advantage of this for the creativity stuff seem pretty clear – more people can make more stuff – with just two of us in our spare time, we’re not covering much, and we can only write about things we actually have. Now, if you have a different model of camera phone to us, you can add a little review of the one you have. Have a guitar? Write about it here. Good tips on learning to play, or found a good site about carving models of old bicycles from soap? You can add links to it all here for us all to enjoy.

You don’t have to sign in to change anything at the moment (too much spam or other abuse, and we might have to change that, but I’d rather keep it as open as possible). If you want to sign up, though, so your name appears by any changes, there’s a link at the top right of the page to do so.

Technical Stuff

In case you’re interested, we’re using MediaWiki – the Wiki behind the excellent Wikipedia. It uses PHP and MySQL.

Comments? Suggestions?

You can mail me, stick a comment under this entry, or put your comments on the discussion pages on the Wiki itself.

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