Home :: Moving from Blogger to WordPress

Well, we’ve finally made the leap from Blogger to WordPress. This is my first test post from the new system, so sorry if it all goes a bit wrong. I’ve aleady managed to republish all the old items with invalid URLs on the RSS feeds whilst attempting to import the old stuff. Still, everything should be here now.

This one blog should replace all the other blogs we’ve been using for PigPog – the filter, my blog, Sam’s blog, the News blog. Not sure about the PhotoBlog yet.

We’re even using a standard pre-made theme with WordPress – the sand coloured version of Mike Little’s excellent Journalized theme. A bit of hunting through the themes list showed up very few variable width themes, and I do hate that narrow-with-a-huge-picture-at-the-top look that most blogs seem to go for.

We may well do a bit more playing yet, but it’s all looking pretty good so far. Sorry again for all the reposts to RSS readers – it shouldn’t happen again now.