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In an effort to make PigPog look a bit more like one site again, we decided to try to make the colours match everywhere, and we decided to match the one’s from Mike’s excellent theme that we’re using in WordPress.

All seems to be looking quite good. We’ve not tried to match the look, just the colours at the moment, and we’ve only modified the background of the Wiki pages, but it’s made a big difference.

The odd thing is the number of visitors we seem to be getting since the weekend. Saturday was more than triple our usual daily visits, and I don’t entirely know why. Still, I’ve tended to find in the past that if you just keep doing what feels right, and keep writing what you want, not what you think will bring in the traffic, the traffic tends to follow. The Google idea is giving people exactly what they want, and they’ll be happy – then let the money follow on from that. Maybe with this sort of thing, you just have to start with what feels right for yourself, and the people will follow.

The money can actually follow on here, too. We’re paying four times what we used to pay for the hosting now, because we upgraded at the end of last year. We were hoping to do a bit more with the site, and try to get more traffic, so we upgraded to a plan with 1.2 terabytes of data transfer per month so we’d be able to cope with most things this web thing could throw at us. Within a couple of months of doing so, we had our first profitable month – the ads brought in more than the hosting cost. We’d not managed that before, even when we were paying a quarter as much.

Now, the traffic has stayed high (kept growing, actually), but the income has gone down again. People who read about Productivity and GTD obviously click on more ads than people who read about Variax Guitars and Beatallica, and that was where our traffic was coming from at the time. So for best profit, I need to write about GTD – problem is, I don’t have much to say, so it wouldn’t last. People would get sick of it and remove what links they’ve made to PigPog. It would end up worse for us.

So, yeah, write about what feels right. Which at this moment seems to be rambling about nothing. Must be time for bed.

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