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Slacker Manager are currently hosting a showdown between Steve Pavlina, with his hard work ethics, and Fred Gratzon, author of The Lazy Way to Success (obligatory Amazon links: US, UK ;). Today’s question is on Passion and Money. Both give very interesting answers, well worth reading, and they seem to pretty much agree on the issue.

Well worth a read if you feel stuck in a dead end job, or just feel you could maybe be doing something more interesting with your life.

Your passion isn’t money. Really it isn’t… unless you have a fetish about collecting smelly pieces of paper with pictures of dead people. 🙂

-Steve Pavlina

For your brain to be creative and inspired, it needs rest. At the very least, you should get enough sleep. (Be in bed with lights out and your eyes closed before 10 PM every night. I promise you that will do wonders.) Take long leisurely walks in the woods.

-Fred Gratzon

I’m so close to getting that bit right. I sit up until well after 10 each night reading Bill Bryson’s ‘A Walk in the Woods’ (Amazon US, UK) on my iPaq. See? Nearly there 😉

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2 thoughts on “The Money and The Passion

  1. I LOVED ‘A Walk in the Woods’! Listened to it as an audiobook on my Palm, though. Made driving easier that way. 🙂

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