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An odd sort of an online game…

not pr0n

Quite challenging. Many solutions require Googling, and you need a bit of a sideways approach – read the page source code for clues, peer at the images with your screen brightness up and down, modify URLs to move on, that sort of thing.

We got stuck at level ten. Found the sound file, but now we need some thing to speed it up and maybe turn it backwards 😉

Enjoy. Or possibly become hugely frustrated.

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One thought on “not pr0n – an odd online game

  1. Check the source code, it will help with the program needed. You may need to convert the mp3 file to another format, there are plenty of free programs to do it.

    Also, just click Start -> Run and enter the name of the program given in the source code to run it, don’t bother trawling through windows directories. good luck, 11 has me now.

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