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After posting up the review of my new guitar, I decided to do the same with the rest of our collection.

I’ve just added a review of my ESP LTD M-50. And once again you have the opportunity to hear me play. 🙂

In other news, I’m getting a KH2 Relic! Yes, one of those gorgeous ‘CAUTION-HOT’ creatures played by a certain ‘CAUTION-HOT’ creature will soon be mine! How have I managed to afford one of those I hear you ask? Has my girl on the Temp Reg got me working 24/7? No. I got mine for 25 quid.

Look, it may only be 9 inches tall, but a guitar’s a guitar 🙂 . Will display photos when it’s arrived, no doubt along with all the other stuff we bought today. Some women like to shop for shoes, I like to shop for guitar accessories.

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