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I have no time for this review. Executive summary?

It’s quite expensive for what it is – a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife, or even a cheaper Leatherman tool would probably be better value – but the Charge Ti is pretty much the ultimate of it’s type at the moment. If you really want the toughest multitool, it’s the one to go for.

I have cleared a minute or two for you. Continue. What is it?

A multi-tool. You’ve probably seen them – a bit like a Swiss Army Knife, but more about the pliers. Specifically, the Charge Ti is the top of the range Leatherman tool, with titanium handles and diamond file. It also includes several types of screwdrivers, with extra bits in a plastic holster (and more available as options), scissors, pliers, wire cutters, bottle/can opener, file, saw, and flat and serrated blades that can be opened with one hand.

What will it do for me?

It opens bags of Haribo sweets really well. The one handed opening means you don’t have to put the bag down first to fiddle with opening a blade – just pop it out of the belt holster, flick the blade out with your thumb, and slash at the bag.

It’s tough enough to take on much harder jobs than that too, but if I’m being really honest, that’s about the limit for me.

Why is it cool?

You’ll look pretty cool flicking open the blade and slashing the sweets open.

Actually, if you’re doing creative stuff, it has uses all over the place – cutting, carving, snipping wire, etc.

Why is it uncool?

You look a bit less cool when you accidentally stab your other hand with the viciously sharp 154 CM steel clip-point blade and get blood in the sweets. Trust me.

There’s also a certain extra elegance to Victorniox knives that the Leatherman lacks. It’s just more brutal in it’s approach.

Should I buy it?

Depends if you get through enough Haribo. Or maybe you actually do something that really justifies it.

Any more random thoughts?

If I was buying one tool now, I think it would still be a Victorinox knife, but now I have both, it’s the Charge I carry everywhere. The fact that the leather pouch supplied with it looks so good is at least part of the reason, but it can just do more than the Victorinox. Doesn’t come with any Torx drivers, so if you need to open HP/Compaq machines, you might need to stick with the Victorinox Cybertool.

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