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We’re trying out a new way of sticking ads in our blog posts – the Feedburner ones were just too irrelevant to be much use. If all works as planned, there should be little ads for the GTD books on the right of this post. I’ve already turned off the Feedburner ads, so now we’ll just have to place ads manually. It means a little more work, but it should make things more interesting and more relevant. There’s a nice little plug-in for WordPress that makes picking stuff fairly easy. A little editing to make it put different Associates IDs depending on the country selected, and a bit of playing with the code it inserts to make it float on the right was all it took.

Update: Forgot to mention – please give us any feedback in the comments – we don’t want to lose readers by sticking in stuff that gets annoying. The plan is to put these in any post where there’s something relevant to what we’re talking about – or possibly amusingly irrelevant – but not on every post. Oh, and I’ve noticed it kind of screws up in Bloglines – the ads go at the top of the page instead of on the right. We could get around that by using a table for the formatting, but that wouldn’t work too well with the nice little Amazon link inserting plug-in we’re using, and might not go so well on the real page, which should be all nice CSS stuff.

Update2: We gave up on this in the end. The ads showed up badly in Bloglines, the plug-in seemed to cause WordPress to hang when posting, and the ads didn’t appear as we wanted them. Might all be to do with my attempted hacking of the code rather than any fault in the original, but we’ll just try to stick a few more plain simple text links in for now rather than keep annoying people with experiments.

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