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Well, thanks to Halsted, I’ve got a Yahoo! 360 account to play with and review for PigPog. Just thought I’d share a few first thoughts, but this is only after maybe quarter of an hour with it.

Overall impression? Good. Surprisingly so. It seems to do things quite neatly, and incorporates a lot of things that should go together in a complete mess, in a tidy way. Nice work, Ernie 😉

The blog section is a bit simple. It’s not going to pull me from WordPress. Probably wouldn’t even pull someone over from Blogger. Still, it works, and it should do the job for someone who just wants to share their thoughts. It has one clever thing the others don’t – you don’t have to share with the world. Your blog can be private, or it can be shared with friends. It can even be shared with friends of friends, or even with friends of friends of friends. If you don’t want to blog, the ‘blast’ is another option – just a line of text that will get pushed to your friends as a speech bubble from you.

The whole idea of sharing different things with different people goes a little further than that, actually – you can put friends in different groups, and even control what each group gets to see, so some things can be hidden from most friends, but shared with people you know in Meatspace, for example. Not played with this yet, but the main page has a ‘preview’ option where you can select who you want to preview it as, so you can check what each group would see.

360 links in neatly with Yahoo! Groups, and with Messenger, and Yahoo!’s Photo Album feature.

Surprisingly, it seems to be heading quite fast into RSS territory, which should give it some real strengths at linking with just about anything else. On the ‘coming soon’ list is a feature to get external RSS feeds and link them in with your stuff to feed back out again to friends. This should let you link in external blogs, and such things as Flickr photos, Del.icio.us links, etc. Sounds good, as long as they use it to link, and don’t get too keen to trap you into their own services.