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GoogleFood: Just in case anyone else searches for it as I did – stop now if you didn’t want to know how to use an SPV (AudioVox SMT5600, Scoblephone) as a USB modem, using GPRS.

OK, so you do want to know how. So did I, and Google enlightened me, but it wasn’t as quick a search as it should have been, so here it is in an easier form…

  • On the phone, go to Accessories, then Modem Link. Select USB, then Menu, Activate.
  • Plug the phone in by USB. Windows should detect it. Pop the Orange CD in the drive, and it should find the drivers on there – ‘HTC USB Modem’.
  • Create the dial up connection, to dial *99#.
  • In ‘Phone and Modem Options’ in Control Panel, on the Modems tab, select the HTC USB Modem, and bring up it’s Properties. On the Advanced tab enter…


…as the Extra initialization commands.

You should then be able to dial the connection, and the phone will bring up the GPRS connection. Remember how expensive GPRS is, though, as the PC will tend to transfer a lot more data than using the phone itself or a PDA for email or browsing.

4 thoughts on “GoogleFood – Using an Orange SPV C500 as a USB Modem

  1. Hi all,

    I have one big question for you:

    I want to get a new phone and I dont know what to choose from these two: Orange SPV C500 and Sony Ericsson K700.


  2. Your service provider should be able to give you a code to unlock it – it’s not the same code for all phones.

  3. i have an audivox c5oo it’s sim has been locked ny 1 can plz tell me the unlock code plz it’s an 8 digit code plz plz

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