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This is a project demonstrating the Picture Tube Tool in Paint Shop Pro. PigPog does not condone the burning down of workplaces. It does, however, condone the use of photo editing software to be immature and make silly pictures for your mates to see.

You will need

  • A .jpg of your workplace
  • Paint Shop Pro – I’m using Paint Shop Pro 9 for this.

Skill Level

Knowing your way round Paint Shop Pro would be handy.

(Image missing – sorry)

Burn it, baby!

  • Open up your picture in Paint Shop Pro. Click on the Picture Hose Tool on the left and select ‘Flame’.
  • Start ‘torching’ your picture. Use larger flames at the front and smaller at the back, remembering to add a few to your boss if he’s there ;).
  • Click the airbrush tool by right clicking brush and selecting airbrush. Choose a dark grey on low opacity and paint liberally to give a smoky atmosphere. Switch between grey, white and black to vary the smoke colours. If you want to add a suggestion of toxic fumes, choose a pale green, but be subtle!
  • Finally, if you’re fond of the dramatic and want to give the impression that your company has finally received the dose of divine retribution it so rightly deserves, go back to the picture tube, and choose ‘lightning’.

What to do with it now?

Well, if you’re really hacked off at work, you can always print it off and attach it to your resignation letter!

Thanks to

Nick Claxton for the kind use of the pic.

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