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A few months ago, my dad very kindly gave us his old laptop. It was still a good spec – he’d replaced it when it stopped working, but it had turned out to be just some fluff blocking the cooling channels over the processor. We decided to use it as my main PC, and give my old machine to Sam’s mum. Unfortunately, a week after we did that (yesterday), the laptop packed up. First, it was just taking a couple of attempts to power on, then it was blue screening after a few minutes of use, then it just wouldn’t power on at all.

I’d upgraded the memory, so I took that back out again – same problem. Stripped out those cooling channels, and replaced the heat sink compound – same problem. It could be the motherboard, it could be the memory on the motherboard, or it could be the processor. To find out, though, would involve swapping one or more of those parts, which would mean starting to buy bits in the hope that the first bit would be the one. If it wasn’t, we’d probably end up spending more than the machine is worth to get it going again.

So it looks like replacement time.

Fortunately, my boss was kind enough to loan me a machine to use until we decide what to do for a replacement. He even came back into work after going home on Friday night to bring it in for me (I was working the late shift, so I was there anyway). We’re up and running with that one at the moment, which is how I’m posting this. I thought for a while that I was going to be stuck with my iPaq being my only machine – usable for some things, but not a very good way of browsing for comparison shopping and such like 😉

Anyway, I’ve got a few ideas of what to do for a replacement, which may be surprising to those who know me. My dad is horrified. More soon…

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