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Michael’s already blogged quite extensively about his search for a replacement for his laptop, so I thought I’d wade in and offer my two cents on the whole thing.

I have to admit I was a bit disappointed when he changed his mind about the Powerbook. I was looking forward to having a play and ‘sharing the whole Mac experience’. This is despite spending a month working on a Mac that had many issues and wouldn’t survive without at least 4 reboots a day, and being well-warned about what Mac ownership can do to the psyche.

Tablet PCs do sound interesting, and I can see why Michael is keen on getting one. But there’s something about the Mac that I want to get to know better. Maybe it’s the interface of Mac OS X (the new one looks particularly cool), maybe it’s Garageband, maybe it’s the completely misguided notion that owning a Mac will make me more productive, creative, talented and sexy. Good God. Steve Jobs has really done a number on me, hasn’t he? Anyone who gets to be played in a film by Noah Wyle must be listened to!

So a compromise has been reached where we get to experience a bit of everything. Michael is getting the tablet (at the time of going to press. He’s always changing his mind. This time tomorrow it could be completely different, especially if Robert Scoble starts hyping up something new. “Scoble ditches all computers and goes to live in a field with nothing but a wet rag on a stick” ;)), and I’m going for the Mac Mini, because it’s a cheaper way of being reintroduced to working with a Macintosh, and finding out once and for all what’s so special about the machine that started out with Jobs and his mate Mr Wozniak in a garage about 30 years ago.

Oh, and it’s about time I got myself an iPod too. It’s all Noah Wyle’s fault.

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