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What? A Decision?

Yes, I finally made a decision, and it was the tablet. The Toshiba Portege M200.

I Had a Plan

It wasn’t too cunning, but it was a plan. I would order it on Wednesday night, and pay extra if necessary for next day delivery. That way, it would be dispatched on Thursday, and delivered to my work on Friday, just in time for the weekend.

It Went Wrong

Doesn’t it always? I got signed up at eBuyer, added it to my basket, added a spare pen, an iPod Photo 30Gb for Sam, and an enclosure to turn the old laptop’s hard drive into a USB device. Then got to the address bit. The first order must be delivered to the cardholder’s address. Home. Where we won’t be.


So, over to Dabs. They didn’t have the spare pens in stock, or the enclosures, and it was going to cost around £70 more than eBuyer. Even then, I’d have considered it if only they’d given the option of next day delivery, but it wasn’t there. The place you’d normally select it was there, along with a help button that confirmed that it should be there.

Jumped back to eBuyer and discovered an option for Saturday delivery. It cost a lot extra, but still much cheaper than going anywhere else. So I went for it.

The Result

Sometime on Saturday, a courier will be arriving here, and may risk loss of limb in my excitement at getting my new toy.