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Recursive Mobile Snaporama, originally uploaded by pigpog s.

Andy’s taking a picture of the River Trent, Lee’s taking a picture of Andy, and I’m taking a picture of Lee!

Creativity in action, baby!

4 thoughts on “Recursive Mobile Snaporama

  1. Seriously…. is this the kind of “creativity” that my tax dollars pay for?

    If thats the case why the hell is my council tax so freakin’ high???

    Also,the guy taking a picture of the river trent… is he gay?

  2. These two guys were hired by us from Miss Whiplash’s Agency of Boys.

    We used an abandoned office for the shoot – and we’re hoping to sell the other pictures to some special interest websites.

    Miss Whiplash provides a mix of all persuasions, so it’s possible that one or even both of them are gay. If you’d like to hire the boys for a function of your own, email me and I’ll pass on your details to their Madam.

    “Andy” and “Lee” are not their real names.

  3. Doesn’t the guy on the right look like Ralf Little from the Royle Family????…Is it HIM?!

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