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My Toshiba Portege M200 has arrived. A bit of a worrying night, as it didn’t appear to have been dispatched at all, but early this morning the dispatch note arrived in my eMail, and the tablet itself arrived at the door a few hours later.

First Impressions?

It’s small. We went out to try to buy a case for it, but none of the laptop cases in PC World or Staples were small enough – it could have fitted in the front flapped pocket on most of them. I finally ended up with a conference folder – the sort intended for an A4 pad and some leaflets. The screen is excellent. The high resolution and small size does make for very tiny text, but it’s so clear that it doesn’t seem to be a problem. Those with eyesight worn out from more years of CRTs may have problems, but it works fine for me (and I’ve had a fair share of years in front of CRTs myself 😉 ) The keyboard is very good. The positive feedback it gives actually feels to me like I can type faster on this than I could on a full size Microsoft Natural Keyboard.

As a tablet, it’s a bit on the heavy side. Not sure yet how it will feel for sitting up in bed reading, but it could be a bit too heavy for comfort. Only had the briefest of plays with the ink features yet, though. Just got Firefox installed, and AVG AntiVirus is updating in the background.

I have a bit of a ritual with new PCs of uninstalling anything the manufacturer put there that I don’t like (though I’ve learned to hold off until I at least know what the things are before deleting them now), then defragging, then setting a permanant swap file nice and big (2Gb on here), then getting the main apps I need installed (Firefox, AVG, FileZilla, Microsoft Office, ActiveSync), then defragging again so everything’s nicely piled up at one end, then installing SysInternals’ PageDefrag to get the paging file, hibernation file, and registry hives all nice and together.

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