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Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m drowning in stuff. Books, CDs, a myriad USB devices and more notebooks than I know what to do with. Inspired by some of the entries in the Life Hacks section of the 43 Folders Wiki, I decided to let the right side of my brain come up with some interesting new ways of dealing with my stuff. Here’s what I came up with.


The first and most sensible step was to get rid of some of the stuff we could feasibly live without, and our CD and book collection was getting too much to handle. So I put a notice up at work selling a load off at £2.50/£3 individually, or £10 for 4 or 5. A fair few were sold, the load has been lightened a bit but I’ve still got more to go. Any Nottingham-based eBayers or carbooters want to buy a job lot? Let us know.

USB stuff up the ya-ya

My side of the office had become a jungle of cables and USB devices, all connected to one hub that I could only find because it’s a big blue glowing thing. I put the hub on top of the speaker so the cables hang down rather than clutter up the desk.

Packaging Hacks

This is a great feelgood recycling/frugal tip – reusing packaging for storage. The box the iPod came in is perfect for my collection of Pocket Moleskines, and the lid from a box of copy paper is now holding the jungle of USB devices.

Binder Clips

Binder clips are brilliant. Stick one on the edge of a box, a tray, a magazine rack (as shown in the pic) and it’s a whole other surface to store crap on! Yay! And what’s that stuck on the side there? Yep. It’s a Hipster PDA. Merlin is our hero, man!

Sock it to me

I bought some socks for my new iPod. Yeah, it seemed like a good idea at the time. A set of little knitted pouches intended to make your iPod even more bloody obvious. Absolutely frickin’ useless for iPods (IMHO), but great for so many other things! Stick pens in one and clip it to the side of your tray! Keep guitar picks in there! Add a little Apple(TM) magic to everyday things ;).

If I have any more flashes of inspiration, I’ll post them up, but if I’ve whetted your appetite for this sort of thing, check out the Life Hacks section on the 43 Folders Wiki.

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