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Michael’s Tablet PC is a gorgeous little machine. I’m as jealous as hell. Once again he gets the best toys ;).

It’s got me thinking about my plans to buy a Mac Mini and I’m experiencing exactly the same doubts that Michael had when he was pondering between a Powerbook and a Tablet. I still really love the idea of owning a Mac, but not enough to risk having one as my main machine when I rely so much on having a computer I know my way around. It’s the idea of starting from scratch again with everything, buying all the apps again and spending more time figuring out how the tools work than actually using them.

My PC, known round these parts as Zippy, is a great machine. It was built with bits from here and there a couple of years ago and is still holding up well. It’s the perfect base for building my ideal system – so now it’s time to go hunting for software and peripherals that will give me everything I was hoping for with having a Macintosh, which really was just Garageband.

It still won’t be as good as Michael’s fab new machine, but never mind 🙂 he’ll get bored of it sooner or later and then it will be mine! Mine! Bwahahaaaa!

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2 thoughts on “More on Tablets and Apples

  1. There are so many similarities these days it doesn’t take much to learn the way of mac. If you like your windows software…keep it. You can still buy from M$ and own Virtual PC. You’ll have a spyware, malware, virus ware free mac..except if you choose to keep browsing under “windows” and using windoze email.

    Why get a computer that when you want to shut down…you have to go to what…start? Why get another computer that slows to a crawl when you have infections coming in from everywhere except deep space? You won’t know how much you could enjoy all of mac’s software possibilites until you try it. You don’t have an iPod ?

  2. Actually, Joe, I went for the tablet, and I love it. Being able to use it as a slate really opens up the options for using it – especially in odd places, like in the car (parked, not driving 😉 ).

    If I was going to keep running the same software inside Virtual PC, I think it would have been a waste of time switching. If I was going to switch, I’d have wanted to switch to all Mac native apps, not keep running the same stuff in a window on a Mac.

    I’ve been running Windows for a long time, though, and I know what I’m doing with it pretty well. Not had a virus since shortly after I started using PCs, in the days before Windows, and never had a spyware infection yet. I’m running IE now, as it seems to get on with the tablet better than FireFox does, which does leave me a bit more open, but with up-to-date patching and the firewall turned on all the time, there shouldn’t be too much danger.

    And no, I don’t have an iPod, but Sam does now 🙂

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