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Pens and Pencil
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Comparing a 6B pencil (Pilot Croquis), a ballpoint pen (Rotring multipen), a Pilot Hi-Tecpoint V5, and the new Pilot Erase-a-Gel.

Mainly to show how useless the Erase-a-Gel is. Being erasable isn’t of much benefit when you can hardly see the writing with it anyway, and it takes lots of scribbling to get it to even start.

Oh, and sorry for the terrible handwriting.

2 thoughts on “Pens and Pencil

  1. Paper-Mate have done an erasable pen for years, and though it’s still not up to much, it writes OK on your bog-standard 80gsm copy paper, which makes it ideal for using at work, and pretty damn useful when filling in application forms :).

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