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Just finished upgrading PigPog’s WordPress installation to the latest version, All went pretty smoothly. Took a bit longer than intended, as I forgot about the ‘files’ folder, so all the images got broken, but even over dial up it only took a few minutes to replace it.

No work at all to migrate everything across – it does it all for you. You just enter your config info into the wp-config.php file (four lines to change), then point a browser at the upgrade.php file. You get a message headed ‘Step 1’, that explains that there only was one step, and you just did it. Very easy – nice work, Matt.

The Journalized Sand theme we’re using seems to work fine – had to add a ‘size’ argument to the ‘input’ tag for the search box to limit the width, as that seemed to be overflowing the left column in Internet Explorer (fine in FireFox).

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