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2 thoughts on “Anti-blink cameras

  1. I read about photo-binoculars with a feature that SHOULD be required for all digital still cameras. Better picutres don’t always come from more pixels. Take all that memory and generate a “last 5 seconds” function.

    It works like this: Hold the shutter and the camera captures a stream of full-resolution photos. Rather than storing like the “movie” modes, simply capture the last N seconds of frames when the user takes his finger off the shutter. The result is saving the end of a sequence when you see that the ideal pose (no blinks, smiles, whatever) has been struck.


  2. Sounds handy. The new Canon IS compact can be taking a video, and still take a full resolution still photo in the middle of it, which sounds pretty clever. It actually pauses the video for a fraction of a second to record the image, but claims to be able to stitch it back together seamlessly on the PC.

    Actually reminds me of something I saw on Tomorrow’s World years ago – a voice recorder that recorded the previous five seconds when you pressed a button on it. It worked by just recording continuously into memory, then when you hit the button, dumped the contents of the memory to the cassette tape.

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