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Nice article from celsius1414 on Zen Pockets. Do you carry too much stuff?

I went through a cut down version of this process a while ago. I’d switched to wearing cargo-style trousers to be able to fit more gadgets and toys with me. After a while, I just didn’t like the cut, but couldn’t switch back because all the stuff I carried wouldn’t fit in ordinary trouser pockets any more. So I had a clear out. I don’t carry a wallet any more – just one debit card and an ID card for work. Bare minimum of other bits, too, though for me that includes a notebook / CheapsterPDA and a mobile phone.

The bag is where things go wrong for me. I carry my tablet PC everywhere now, and always tend to have two cameras with me (or three, if you count the camera in the phone), along with various cables and such.

I can’t do without a watch either. I tend to turn off the clocks on my PCs, because I always know I’ll have a watch on, and don’t worry about keeping clocks on other devices too accurate – because I always know I can rely on my watch (a Citizen Skyhawk Titanium).

(Thanks to 43Folders.)