New Toy – Casio Exilim EX-Z750 (Pic on Flickr)

New Toy – Casio Exilim EX-Z750
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New toy!

Still to see if the lens actually works. I’ve read about some problems with these things and ‘lens error’ messages. Didn’t inspire much confidence when the display model in the shop kept giving lens errors, but it did also have a big dent in the front. This isn’t that one – they had an unopened one in stock.


Guitar Pro

What is it?

Guitar Pro is a program designed to make reading and writing tab a lot easier. We’ve been using it to help us learn, rather than for writing tab, so we’ll concentrate on reviewing it as a learning tool.

So, as a learning tool, is it any good?

It’s great because instead of struggling with printouts or an ‘E-Z-play’ book, this program lets you see and hear the tune you’re trying to learn. Also, you can slow the song down without altering pitch, so you can slow the song down to half the speed and work your way up. You can view your tune being played on a fretboard, a keyboard or in standard notation.

Drawing Club set on Flickr

Irene & Tim’s Back Garden, originally uploaded by pigpog s.

I’ve joined Michael Nobbs’ excellent Drawing Club, so I’ve made a Drawing Club photoset on Flickr.

Click here to check out my progress.